FinTech continues to heat up with demand from both public & private investors & seemingly not enough supply. FinTech 1.0, 1.5.0, and 2.0 public companies have traded well over the past 12 months or enjoyed warm welcomes to the public market with companies such as PYPL +103.8% / SQ+188.7% / and ADYEN+107.5%. For the recent IPO’s AFRM is +102.9% since IPO, while LMND +414.7%. For the FinTech SPAC’s IPOE is +102.8% / and INAQ 49.7% +from trust value.

At the same time the global FinTech venture ecosystem has attracted over $40B of capital during the past 12 months across 2,450+…

John Street Capital

Interested in all things Venture, FinTech, Public Markets, Personal Finance, and Sports

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